Why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa

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It’s no doubt Uganda has always been the pearl of Africa Winston Churchill popularized the Phrase in his 1908 Book “My African Journey.” The scenery is exceptional; the climate is extraordinary and most of all, the people are very different from anything else to be encountered all over Africa. For magnificence, for diversity of form and color, for abundance of brilliant life including birds, insects, reptiles, beasts-for vast Scale-Uganda is truly the “Pearl of Africa”.

Uganda sheltering some of the most exceptional endangered primates such as the Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees and others, over 1061 species of birds to offering the best climbing and hiking opportunities in the most magnificent Mountains such as the Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori), the three Volcanoes within the Virunga Massif and Mount Elgon among others. Uganda is truly a beauty. River Nile the longest river in the world, its source is in Uganda at Lake Victoria. Visitors often feel comfortable and always come back due to the country’s gentle and hospitable people and the temperate climate characterized by warm sunshine throughout the year.

Uganda is endowed with a variety of attractions such as stunning landscapes, crystal clear lakes, snowcapped mountains, tropical rain forests, semi hared savanna, primates, birds and much more. Words are not enough to describe Uganda but you need to see the country for yourself.


Mountain Gorillas

The endangered mountain gorilla can only be found in three countries in the world and that is, Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Half of the world’s mountain gorillas can be found in Uganda making it the top tourists destination for this endangered species. There is no wildlife experience that is breathtaking as tracking and meeting face to face with the mountain gorillas in the dense jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park, both located in South-western Uganda



Primates and chimpanzees share 98.7% of their DNA with mankind. Uganda will give you an experience of seeing over 5000 chimpazees in the wild. ? Ultimate chimpanzee experience can be achieved from Kibale Forest National Park-Western Uganda and Budongo Forest Reserve North-western Uganda Kibale National Park and Budongo Forest Reserve respectively


The Source of the Nile

Some people believe the source of the Nile is in Egypt, but it was actually discovered to be in Uganda by John Hannington Speke on 3rd August 1858. Besides exploring the source of the Nile in Jinja, you will be treated to some of the most interesting adrenaline packed activities such as Quad biking, White water rafting, jet boating, Bungee jumping, kayaking and swimming that will leave you breathless.


Hospitable People and Diverse Cultures

Uganda has very hospitable people and a diverse culture. In uganda strangers/foreigners are always treated with love and tenderness as Kings. Ugandans are always willing to help strangers in case of anything especially regarding directions or any other help. Uganda’s cultural traditions vary depending on the tribe, but some of the most fascinating cultural experiences you will encounter include the Buganda culture with a captivating dance-the Bakisimba traditional dance and tantalizing food like the “Luwombo” prepared with chicken, beef and the Ugandan groundnut stew among others.

Mouth-Watering Foods

Every culture in Uganda has a mouthwatering dish that sets it apart. For example in the northern uganda the acholi will treat you to a delicious meal comprising of the sour-sweet“Malakwang”- prepared from Hibiscus cannabinus and groundnuts paste and served with millet bread (“Kwon kal”), cassava or sweet potatoes. In the East, you will be amazed by the traditional dish of the Bagisu-known as “Malewa” made of smoked bamboo shoot. This dish is truly a traditional Gishu meat and is served with sweet potatoes, matooke, rice or Posho. When you are in Central Uganda, you will relish the Luwombo-where Beef, chicken, fish or Ugandan groundnut stew is wrapped up in banana leaves and steamed over matooke. Such a meal will always make you come back to Uganda.

Beautiful National Parks

You can’t call Uganda the pearl of Africa and not mention the national parks. The National Parks include Murchison Falls National Park popular for the tremendous Murchison Falls and for (Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes and Elephants) of the Big Five animals. Rhino Sanctuary on your way to Murchison Falls that will complement your safari. Queen Elizabeth National Park will also reward you with sights of several wildlife species including four of the big five animals and is also popular for the riveting boat cruises. Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks are popular for the Mountain gorillas and other wildlife species. Other Parks worth visiting include Semliki National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. When you visit all these Parks, you will agree that Uganda is indeed the Pearl of Africa. The 10 National Parks that offer the greatest excitement of a lifetime? These National Parks offer exceptional wildlife and bird species that are worth your time.

Mountains of the Moon

These are also known as Rwenzori Mountains, this legendary mountain range is made up of 6 massifs separated by deep valleys and they include Mount Stanley, Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi di Savoia, Mount Baker, Mount Emin and Mount Speke, and the highest is Mount Stanley-made up of 11 breathtaking Peaks and Magherita Peak is the highest Peak at 5,109 meters/16,763 feet above sea level. This is a must visit if you come to Uganda.

To sum it up, Uganda is the Peal of Africa because it a little bit of everything you can ever encounter on an African Safari. From the Big five animals, exceptional Primate Species especially the Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, diverse bird species, cultural diversity, breathtaking adrenaline packed activities, spectacular National Parks and the Source of the Nile among others.



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